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Resolve to Grow Your Business in 2016

January 11, 2016/in Environmental Services /by jeng

For many people a New Year means a new chance to make resolutions, set goals, and improve their lives. At Applied Resource Management, we believe this time of year is also a great opportunity to do those same things for your business. Whether you call it a strategic plan, an annual review, or an excuse to dream big, your business deserves some dedicated time for self-improvement so that it can continue to grow and thrive. If expanding your business is on your list of “Things To Do In 2016,” then we have some good news—our services can help ensure that your resolutions become reality.

Site Assessments

Sometimes an expansion means literally getting bigger, and that requires environmental property site assessments. These assessments are basically property inspections that review and measure the impact your expansion will have on the surrounding area, along with ideas for mitigating those impacts. Suggestions might include things such as soil and groundwater testing, underwater storage tank removal, or soil removal—all things our trained and experienced professionals can help accomplish.

Water Supply Studies

Water supply evaluations are often needed when you want to develop new groundwater resources, or design a new water supply system. This is especially relevant to businesses building new structures, such as offices, warehouses, shipping centers, or storage facilities. If you’re looking for an experienced company to assess the availability and viability of your groundwater, Applied Resource Management can help. Our professionals are skilled at evaluating groundwater for all kinds of property owners, including municipal, agricultural, industrial, and private.

Geothermal Systems

Perhaps your business isn’t expanding, but you’ve made a commitment to “go green” in 2016. Or you are expanding, and you want to make ensure that the choices you make are responsible and sustainable. In either case, installing a geothermal energy system is a great way to accomplish these goals. Not only are these systems good for the environment, they’re also good for your wallet, and can help you save between 30% and 70% on your monthly power bill. If you’re interested in geothermal energy for your commercial building, you’re in luck—our IGSHPA certified geothermal installers and HDPE pipe infusers can get the job done. 2016 never looked so good!

If your plans for the New Year include expanding, growing, or building your business, your first step toward success should be contacting Applied Resource Management. Together we’ll make 2016 your must successful year yet. Happy New Year!

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How to Green Your Holiday Celebrations

December 16, 2015/in Environmental News /by jeng

The holidays are a time of family, friends, and fun. There are gifts to buy, parties to attend, and traditions to uphold. At Applied Resource Management, one of the ways we like to celebrate is by finding creative ways to “green” the holidays. By thinking outside the box and changing up some of our old habits, we can enjoy the season while at the same time keeping our planet healthy. Now that’s a reason to celebrate!

Below are a few easy ways to go green this holiday season. By adopting even one small change, you’ll make the holidays happier for everyone—including the earth.

1.  Get LED holiday lights.

LED lights are 90% more efficient than traditional holiday lights, and they last twice as long. This is because they’re made from light-emitting diodes. LED lights are also safer, more durable, and more environmentally friendly that incandescent lights, and come in a variety of colors and styles. This is one holiday tradition you’ll want to adopt immediately!

2. Upcycle your wrapping paper.

Instead of buying rolls and rolls of wrapping paper, plastic peanuts, and bubble wrap, consider wrapping your gifts with alternative materials. Paper grocery bags are great (especially if you let the kids decorate them first), and the Sunday comics are always a festive choice. You can also use newspaper as an earth-friendly packing material. If you’re feeling really ambitious, sew a few cloth sacks with a simple drawstring tie, which can be used year after year.

3. Recycle your tree.

When it comes to Christmas trees, the real vs. fake debate is heated. Both sides have some great points, but we’re not here to take sides. Instead, we suggest that if you do choose to buy a real tree, make sure to recycle it after the holidays are over. Many cities will recycle your tree for you—just check your local city’s website for drop-off locations. You can also recycle it yourself by making your own mulch, placing it in your pond for a natural fish habitat, or using it in a variety of craft projects, such as pine scented satchels and seasonal wreaths.

4. Batteries not included.

If you’re a parent, the words “batteries not included” are some of the most annoying ones you’ll hear—especially if you’ve forgotten to stock up! To save yourself a headache and to save the planet from unnecessary waste, buy rechargeable batteries and plug them on before you go to sleep on Christmas Eve. Once gifts are unwrapped the next day, your power will be ready to go and you can reuse them once they’ve run their course by recharging them. You’ll never run out of batteries, your kid’s toys will continue to work, and you’ll cut down on waste—everybody wins!

5. Keep it local!

It’s hard to resist the siren song of Amazon, but we encourage you to try! By shopping locally, you cut down on the carbon footprint of gift giving, as local gifts and handmade gifts don’t need to be shipped across the country, and don’t arrive in oversized boxes filled with packing material. Another bonus: you’ll be keeping you money where you live, supporting the business run by your friends and neighbors, and making your community stronger. Now that’s a gift!

We hope this list inspires you go green for the holidays! If you want to keep up your momentum by making more positive changes in 2016, contact Applied Resource Management today. From Geothermal Energy to Well Drilling to Environmental Services, our talented team can help make 2016 your greenest year yet. Happy holidays, and have a great New Year!

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Introducing: Well-Vu

December 7, 2015/in Environmental News /by jeng

At Applied Resource Management, we know the importance of ensuring that both our experts and our equipment are up-to-date and adhere to the latest technological advancements. To that end, our staff is made up of highly trained geologists, environmental professionals, and licensed soil scientists, and our equipment includes drill rigs, support trucks, backhoes, mini excavators, cranes, and bushogging machines. Now, we have a new piece of equipment to add to our list. Introducing: Well-Vu.

What is Well-Vu?

Well-Vu is an underwater viewing system. Portable and easy to use, it is essentially an underwater, down hole camera and console. The viewing system comes with a fisheye camera that has a 180-degree lens, which shows twice as much detail as a standard lens. This allows us to view both the sidewalls and down the well at the same time, and clearly shows color variations caused by different contaminants and mineral deposits. This also eliminates the need for an “old-fashioned” two-camera system, and will allow us to get the information we need faster and more effectively. Thanks to the advancements provided by this powerful tool, we are better equipped to diagnose and repair any existing problems with your well.

How can Well-Vu help you?

We are excited to offer this new tool to our clients, and eager to share the ways that it can be used. For example, if you just bought a new property that has a well, Well-Vu can help us learn the condition of your well water. If you know something is clogging your well but can’t figure out what it is, Well-Vu can identify the problem. If you prefer to fix an existing well or drill a new one, Well-Vu can provide information and data to guide the process. Knowledge is power, and Well-Vu makes Applied Resource Management more powerful than ever before.

Ready to give Well-Vu a whirl?

If you have a well project that could benefit from the information and expertise gained from Well-Vu and our experienced and knowledgeable staff, contact Applied Resource Management today. In the meantime, like us on Facebook for the latest in environmental news and company updates.

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5 Ways to Lower Your Heating Bill This Winter

November 20, 2015/in Environmental News /by jeng

The temperatures are falling, the nights are getting longer, and the holidays are fast approaching. This can only mean one thing: winter is coming. While winter in southeastern North Carolina can be cold! These long winter months can be hard to handle, emotionally and financially. While turning up the heat and lighting up the house can make you feel better about those cold, dark nights, it can also do a number on your energy bill. Luckily, we have rounded up five ways to keep costs down without leaving you out in the cold.

1. Turn your thermostat down a notch.

For optimal efficiency (that is, the most comfortable temperature at the most reasonable price) 68° F is the sweet spot. You can turn it down even lower at night, when you’re asleep in your warm bed, and during the day when no one is home. While these temperatures might feel cool to some, think of it as an excuse to buy a plush robe, throw an extra quilt on the bed, and cuddle with a loved one.

2. Plug up your chimney.

While a blazing fire in your fireplace is a cozy sight, a cold chimney won’t keep anyone warm! If you do not use your fireplace regularly, then warm air may be escaping your home via your chimney, even if the flue is closed. To keep this from happening, block the airflow with an inflatable chimney balloon. They can help save up to $100 per year, making them worth the upfront cost. Plus, chimney balloons are built so that if you forget to take it out before making a fire, it will automatically deflate. Whew!

3. Insulate your attic.

Many attics in southeastern North Carolina do not have the best insulation. Because our winters are mild, this step is often skimped or even skipped. This winter, bring your insulation up to code, and enjoy 20 to 30% off your monthly bill. A properly insulated attic will also be a boon in the summer by keeping your icy-cold air conditioning inside, where it belongs!

4. Reverse your ceiling fan.

Ceiling fans usually come to mind when thinking up ways to stay cool, but they are also useful tools in the quest to heat things up. Simply set your ceiling fan to a low speed and let it spin clockwise. By reversing the direction of your fan, it will push warm air, which rises, down from the ceiling and toward the floor, where you and your family can actually enjoy it.

5. Install a geothermal system.

Geothermal energy is a great way to cut down on energy costs. By switching from a traditional HVAC system to a geothermal heating and cooling system, you can save anywhere from 30 to 70% on your home heating and cooling bill each year. You might even receive a 30% tax credit from the federal government, thanks to this environmentally friendly choice. While you may have read some myths about geothermal energy, we can assure you it is an excellent choice for any home! If you are interested in exploring your geothermal options, contact Applied Resource Management today. We provide a full range of geothermal well drilling and loop system installation services.

We hope these tips have given you a few ideas to lower your energy bill this winter while still staying warm and cozy. For more tips and creative ideas for your home, your business, and your environment, follow Applied Resource Management on Facebook. In the meantime, tell us: what is your favorite way to stay warm when the days begin to cool?

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Choosing the Right Environmental Professionals

When it comes to choosing an environmental professional, it is important to make sure you hire a company that is experienced, qualified, and responsible. Because the jobs these professionals do are tied so closely to both the health of the environment and important legal regulations, making the right choice can help your project succeed in many different ways.

Often businesses, homeowners, and anyone building a new property or working on an existing one will need to have certain tests conducted before breaking ground. That’s where environmental professionals come in. Contracting a company of trained and certified professionals can provide important services such as monitoring and testing water for pollution and staying on top of hazardous waste disposal issues.

We may be biased, but we believe that Applied Resource Management is a great company to hire for environmental services. We don’t mean to brag, but we can’t help it—we are proud of our professionals and all they have accomplished throughout the long life of our company. Here are just some of the reasons ARM is the right choice for you:

ARM is experienced.

We’ve been in business for over 20 years. This means we have watched regulations change and evolve, while always staying on top of the latest trends and technologies.

ARM is certified.

Our staff includes geologists, environmental professionals, and a licensed soil scientist. We are also members of the National Groundwater Association and accredited by the International Groundsource Heat Pump Association. When you hire ARM, you can rest easy knowing that we have the education and training to do the job well.

ARM has the right equipment.

You need the right tool for the job, and we’ve got them all. Our fleet of resources includes six drilling rigs, three support trucks, a backhoe, mini excavators, a crane, and a bushogging machine. No project is too big or too small for our company!

ARM is all over the Southeastern United States.

We serve North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, and Virginia. We were born and raised in the South, and are dedicated to protecting it and keeping it safe.

ARM is for everyone.

Our customers include private homeowners, businesses, contractors, state agencies, military, and federal agencies. In our nearly two decades of business, we have worked on almost any kind of project, and we would love to add yours to our list.

If you are seeking environmental water resources for new or existing properties, contact Applied Resource Management today and get ready to experience the work of true professionals.

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Myths About Geothermal Energy Debunked

September 21, 2015/in Geothermal Energy /by jeng

Usually when something seems too good to be true, it is. Ice cream that never melts? A newborn baby that sleeps through the night? That Nigerian prince who wants to send you one million dollars? Nope, nope, and nope.

There is, however, one thing that does lives up to the hype—geothermal energy. Geothermal energy is created from the natural heat of the earth. It’s also efficient, affordable, and environmentally friendly.  Because it sounds too good to be true, there are plenty of myths associated with it, which is a shame—especially if those myths keep people from going geothermal. That’s why today, we’re finally setting the record straight.

Myth #1: Geothermal energy systems are too expensive.

While it’s true that the upfront costs of installing a geothermal system might seem steep, that’s only because you’re looking at the short term picture. Over the years, a geothermal energy system will actually save you anywhere from 30% to 70% on your monthly utility bill and you might also be eligible to receive a tax break. Those savings will quickly add up!

Myth #2: Geothermal energy is only for heat. What about my AC?

During the winter, geothermal energy systems draw heat from the earth—this is absolutely true. Also true is that during the summer, that same system can draw heat from your home and transfer it to the ground, using the earth as a heat sink. This keeps your house comfortable, no matter how hot or cold it gets outside.

Myth #3: Geothermal energy systems are too noisy.

Some people confuse geothermal energy systems with generators, which are loud, noisy, and obtrusive—and nothing like geothermal energy systems! In reality, our systems run very quietly and are mostly underground. The odds are high that you and your neighbors won’t even notice they’re there.

Myth #4: Geothermal energy systems require too much maintenance.

Because our systems are underground, they’re protected from the daily wear and tear of the elements, which means their life expectancy is over 200 years. Ground loops also come with a 25-year warranty for ground loops, and water source heat pumps regularly last for over 30 years. Compared to the 8-10 years coastal air-to-air traditional systems last, you’re looking at a long and happy life! Plus, when your system does need maintenance, our installers are IGSHPA certified and can get the job done quickly and easily.

Myth #5: My house is too old for a geothermal energy system.

It doesn’t matter if your home was built five years ago or five decades ago—geothermal energy is always a great choice. After all, age is relative, especially when it comes to benefits such as a smaller carbon footprint, economic savings, and increased property value.

Now that you know geothermal energy really is as great as it sounds, you probably want to install it ASAP. If you’re ready to go geothermal, contact Applied Resource Management today—we have the knowledge, skills, and expertise to get you going. As for that Nigerian prince, well, you’re on your own.

Well Drilling

Three Benefits of Owning Your Own Well

Are you interested in investing in well water for your home? If so, you’re not alone. People across America are turning to well water for their hydration needs, and with good reason—well water has plenty of benefits for you wallet, your independence, and even your health. If you’re trying to decide if well water is right for you, the following list of three major benefits should help you make an educated choice.

1. Well Water Is Free

After the initial installation of your well, the water you pump from the ground and into your home is free. No monthly bill, no municipal fees, no hidden charges, and no rising costs. In some places, you can even get a state or federal tax credit for having a well installed on your property for ongoing savings.

While free water is a huge benefit, there are a few costs associated with a water well. For example, you’ll have to pay periodic maintenance from a reputable environmental company, such as Applied Resource Management. Depending on the quality of your water, you might also have to invest in a water-softening or filtration system. Overall, however, the well water a cost-effective choice.

2. Well Water Is Reliable

A well can be drilled into the water table anywhere equipment can fit. This means that your well can be close to your home, as opposed to city water, which has to travel miles just to get to your faucet. Not only does traveling that far cost money, it also relies on the city’s infrastructure. With well water, you won’t have to worry about interruptions in service that are outside of your control, such a burst water main across town. Your water, and access to it, belongs entirely to you.

3. Well Water Is Good For You

Some people assume well water isn’t filtered to the same standards as city water, but in reality the opposite is true. Well water is filtered naturally, providing the health benefits of water without the chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals that are commonly found in city water. And, while this may be an issue of personal preference, most people will agree: well water tastes better and is more refreshing, thanks to the fact that it’s truly all natural.

With a little planning and regular maintenance from a team or professionals such as Applied Resource Management, free, reliable, healthy water can be yours. Contact us today to learn more!

Company News

Wilmington Business RadioX® Features Applied Resource Management and the Marine Biotechnologies Center of Innovation

May 20, 2014/in Company News /by jeng

Wilmington, NC (PRWEB) May 19, 2014

Geothermal wells were a topic of conversation when Dawn Desantis, Marketing Coordinator at Applied Resource Management (ARM), was featured in the April 25th episode of Bridges to Business Radio on Wilmington Business RadioX. Desantis joined Dr. Deb Mosca, CEO of Marine Biotechnolgies Center of Innovation (MBCOI). The two leaders were interviewed by Ann Revell-Pechar, discussing geothermal well drilling and the work being done at the MBCOI.

For over 18 years, ARM has been the source for Eastern North Carolina’s geothermal alternatives, well drilling, and environmental needs. Specializing in green energy using geothermal solutions and clean waste water disposal projects, ARM has become a sought after resolution for both commercial and residential properties. Using geothermal energy, which comes from the natural heat of the earth, ARM replaces HVAC systems with a geothermal heat pump, cutting electricity bills by nearly 50%.

“We reduce energy consumption by reducing how hard your HVAC system has to work to heat and cool your home,” explained Desantis. “Highly conductive pipes are sunk into the ground at 250 feet. Water runs through those pipes into a special water source heat pump, which then modulates the temperature to the ground temperature, which is 62 degrees. This requires less energy to get the building to a comfortable temperature, whether that means cooling it from 90 or heating it from 30 degrees.”

Deb Mosca also joined in the conversation to discuss MBCOI, a nonprofit organization that facilitates collaboration on emerging marine bio-technologies. Working with universities, scientific researchers, industry, and funding organizations, the Center aids the commercialization of new scientific discoveries to benefit North Carolina’s economy.

“MBCOI was established to help translate North Carolina’s marine-related discoveries into novel products and services, as a means to drive economic development,” said Mosca. “We’re working to create an inventory of all the resources that exist in the NC system and expedite the path to market for partners across the state.”

To learn more about Applied Resource Management and MBCOI, listen to the entire interview at Bridges to Business.

About Bridges to Business:

Each week, Bridges to Business gives voice to the most interesting thought leaders in the Wilmington, North Carolina business community. Hosted by Ann Revell-Pechar, owner of A.Revell Communications and Wilmington Business RadioX®, each episode appeals to the curious with fascinating interviews featuring out-of-the-ordinary guests. Bridges to Business airs each Friday at 3:30pm EST. To hear more shows, visit

About Business RadioX®:

Business RadioX® interviews dozens of innovative entrepreneurs and successful leaders each week. Its mission is to help local businesses Get The Word Out about the important work they’re doing for their market, their community, and their profession. With a pro-business slant and a long-form interview format, guests don’t have to worry about being ambushed or talking in “sound bites.” Guests have enough time to tell their whole story and to share their insights and experience without interruptions. BusinessRadioX® hosts are business professionals interviewing their peers, drilling down on the critical issues, and delivering practical information to an engaged business audience. Business topics that are frequently covered include: Law, Finance, Healthcare, Technology, Trade Shows, B2B Marketing, Venture Capital, Training and Development and other issues impacting the business community. For more information, visit: